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Nielsen, K., Novotný, K., Nenon, T. Contexts of corporeality. Nordhausen: Publisher Traugott Bautz. 2016

The Contexts of the corporeal can be understood in two ways: as the complex tissue of primordial corporeality as well as the contexts of its appearance, which always point to its non-phenomenal place of origin as a boundary. They relate both to the inside and the outside of the body - they wander through the membranes, layers of fabric and dramatic caesuras that form everywhere where we experience a mutual appropriation of subjective and objective body, which as the "felt text" ( Nietzsche) is always my experience.
The volume brings together essays by international authors, who are interested in the phenomenology of the body in dialogue with metaphysical concepts, with the dimensions of time, generativity, sociality and the environment as well as in the mediality of the body in poetry and art. In an attempt to sound out its factual positioning in concrete spatio-temporal references as well as its participation in individual experience, they move within the horizon of a phenomenological oikology (Hans Rainer Sepp). How can man, in all his indecipherable contextuality, come back to himself in such a way that he gets back to the material base - to a bodily anchored "house" (oikos) of being?