ON AUTHENTICITY, OBSERVATION, AND QUOTING                                                 


Artistic research

Workshop in theory and practice


2. - 4. November 2018

Venue: JAMU

Fri: 15-18

Sa: 10-18

Su: 10-14


The workshop is held in English by



(Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic), PhD in philosophy, senior researcher, lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Area of focus: performance philosophy, theory of self-identity, phenomenology. Practitioner in ludic theatre.


(Malmö Theatre Academy, Lund University, Sweden), Docent in Theatre, researcher and lecturer. Area of focus: reflective practice in acting and arts, methodology in artistic research, enaction and movement. 


One pervasive issue in current theatre and performance art, motivated by a contemporary political and cultural debate, is how the artist deals with their own subjectivity in the artistic process, their presentation or representation. The 20th century brought many contradictory challenges to this domain: the avant-garde’s stress on the embodied subject, the distancing agent, weakened or decomposed subject, self-expressing subject in performance art, and identity politics.
The workshop will investigate the possibilities of representation in the tension between two different stances, obvious in contemporary performative practice: the first based on the idea of observation and imitation, and the other linked to the need of self-expression. Shall we conceive of imitation as a sign of “non-authenticity”, of a blind belief, or is it an unavoidable and even fruitful aspect of human action? What values, power games and social agenda are at stake in arts when speaking about imitation and authenticity? How can artistic and theoretical perspectives on these issues interact?


Methodology: The workshop will combine practical exercises – on the bodily, gestural, verbal and mental level – as well as thorough discussion, contextualisation, formulation of theoretical implications and scrutiny of the practical work.

Participants: The number of participants is limited to 15. Theoretically as well as practically oriented participants are welcome. Participation in the whole duration of the workshop is highly recommended. Lower degree of fluency in English shall not be an obstacle for the participation. Selected text materials will be distributed prior to the workshop.