ND Talks: National theatre and cultural heritage today

20. 02. 2018; 18:00
New Scene of the National Theatre
Hosted by Alice Koubová
With: Yvona Kreuzmannová, Marta Ljubková, Jolana Matějková, Ondřej Lánský

National Theatre: a cultural heritage institution and the space of free artistic creation. Is it a contradiction or a promising provocation? How to combine both functions in the contemporary socio-political situation? How do we understand cultural heritage today? What part of our heritage needs to be reinterpreted, actualized, brought to the fore? What part of our historical memory resonates in us? How to cultivate it artistically and how to think about it? What part of our past is so pervasive that it needs to be diminished? Do we need to confirm our national identity by repeating the past by artistic means, or do we need to shake our cultural stereotypes and change through art? What can we lose and gain? What kind of future are we going to create?

We invite you to participate in the discussion evening. Our expert will prepare a necessary prelude for open and live talk. Come and help us to understand the role of National theatre within the cultural space of the 21st century Czech Republic, amidst transforming Europe.