Hauser, M. et al. Dig into granite with a hoe. Interviews with Michael Hauser. Prague: Rybka Publishers. 2014.


The book of interviews with the philosopher Michael Hauser deals with the grave questions of our time, in which the contradictions of the current socio-economic and cultural system are being exacerbated. Interviews which originated between 2007 and 2014 are the testimony to the difficulty of eroding various forms of dogmatism and ideological narratives, according to which capitalism appears to be the natural order of the social world, and postmodernism is the last chapter of cultural history. Attempts on radical criticism and the formulation of alternatives in the form of emancipatory projects (communism) are still perceived as dangerous and mischievous, or as a Donkichot digging into a granite. Even though we are witnessing the gradual exhaustion of postmodern stimuli, the emergence of a new mental and cultural configuration has not yet occurred and we can not even see its more specific outlines or clear concepts.