The Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy covers reseach in the areas of philosophy of corporeality, mind, language, performance and other related fields. Our research perspectives are mostly influenced by the German and French philosophy of the twentieth century (namely by phenomenology, hermeneutics, post-structuralism, psychoanalysis and critical theory). The Department also emphasizes the transdisciplinarity of research and interaction between philosophy and other scientific disciplines, such as the theory of art, anthropology, linguistics, sociology, but also biology, or neuroscience. The main topics of our individual research projects include: 1) phenomenology of subjectivity, corporeality and affectivity; 2) phenomenology of language and mind, and its Brentanian origins; 3) philosophy of intersubjectivity and sociality in the phenomenological and post-phenomenological contexts; 4) philosophy of perfomativity; 5) phenomenological topology and the methodology of intertwining; 6) a critical theory of postmodernism.

Members of our department regularly publish in distinguished international journals and publishing houses (such as Springer, Brill, Vrin, PUF, Routledge, De Gruyter, etc.), and they annually organize international conferences and workshops with world-leading scholars, such as A. Badiou, J. Ranciére, É. Balibar, D. Zahavi, J. Tronto, R. Bernasconi, R. Barbaras, C. Mulligan, and others. The members of the department also realise international projects in cooperation with established research centers, including the Department of Philosophy at the Paris Sorbonne, the Husserl Archives at the ENS Paris, the Husserl Archives at the University of Cologne, the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology at the University of Memphis, Philosophical Institutes of the Slovak and Polish Academies of Sciences, the Performance Philosophy Network, and many others.