Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Institute of Philosophy AS CR


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The department of contemporary continental philosophy concentrates on the systematic research in the fields of the philosophy of embodiment, language, intersubjectivity, performance philosophy and other related domains. These topis are approached from perspectives inspired mainly by german and french philosophy of the twetieth century (especially by hermeneutics, phenomenology, post-structuralism, psychoanalysis and critical theory). The department also emphasizes the transdisciplinarity of research and interaction between philosophy and other human sciences such as aesthetics, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, or sociology, but between natural sciences such as biology, neuroscience or ecology. The main topics of our particular research projects include: 1) phenomenology of subjectivity, embodiment, or afectivity; 2) phenomenological philosophy of language and mind and its brentanian origins; 3) philosophy of intersubjectivity and sociality in phenomenological and postphenomenological contexts; 4) a philosophy of performance and performativity; 5) phenomenological topology and the methodology of intertwinning; 7) critical theory of postmodernity; 8) contemporary political philosophy; 9) ethics of care and play; and others

Members of our department regularly publish in international periodics and publishing houses (Springer, Brill, Vrin, PUF, Routledge, De Gruyter, etc.) and organize annually severla international conferrences and workshops with renowned foreign researchers (e.g. Badiou, Ranciere, Barabas, Balibar, Malabou, Froese, DiPaolo, Zahavi, Tronto, Bernasconi, or Mulligan). On the long term basis, the department cooperates in conjoint international projects and bilateral mobilities with many prestigious institutions including the department of philosophy at the Paris Sorbonne, Husserl's archive at the ESN Paris, Husserl's archive at the University of Köln, the Center for Advanced Research at the University of Memphis, Philosophical institures of the Polish and Slovak Academy of Sciences, Performance philosophy network, and many more.