Collectiv of authors, ALMANACH KUBINSTADT 2019

The book is a record of cooperation between artists and philosophers who entered the imaginary, murky, unexplored Kubinstadt waters and searched its depths as well as depth of their own minds in order to ignite the sparks of knowledge. Philosophers V. Pokorný and M. Nitsche, and aesthetician O. Dadejík, together with the artist from the Upland bowl open the gates of Kubinstadt. The philosophers provided theoretical reflections, whereas O. Dadejík regarded Kubin's account of rhytm and construction in his essay on cartography in the Land of Dreamers.
The text part of the book thus seeks answers to following questions: What type of being is Kubinstadt? How and where does it exist? How can one think about it? The artistic part offers an exhibition from the work of following authors
: A. Peterka, A. R. Žaludová, Andere Seite Studio, G. Divino, I. Červinková, I. Vodička, J. Šalda, J. Soukupová, Dřevmuž, L. K. Klokočková, M. Rubec, M. Mrázik, M. Košařová, M. Říha, P. Groh, P. Blažek, P. Hrůza. R. Květoň, Z. Květoň, R. Homola, R. Meerts.