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Alice Koubová received Ph.D. in mathematics from Charles University in Prague (2001) and Ph.D. in Philosophy from University of Parix X (2005). As a senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences, she focuses mainly on performance philosophy, artistic research and applied philosophy and the way in which these research fields tackle the problems of (inter)corporeality, expressivity, identity, sociality, ethics, and methodology. She has been developing these topics as a lecturer at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and other art schools, as a core convener of the international Performance Philosophy Network, and as the principal investigator of the research project "Performativity in Philosophy: Contexts, Methods, Implications." (Czech Science Foundation).

She has collaborated with researchers from many institutions including: TEAK Helsinki, Philosophy on Stage - Vienna, MBody: Research in media, somatics, dance and philosophy - Freiburg, Soundcheck Philosophy - Halle, Theatre Academy in Malmö - Lund University, Centre for Performance Studies - University of Bremen, Janáček Academy of Performing Arts - Brno.

She has also participated in projects with several Czech theatres and artistic institutions (Studio Alta, Alfréd ve Dvoře, National Theatre, Theatre Institute) by preparing and facilitating public discussions on political and cultural topics, dramaturgical consultations, and feedback sessions after artistic performances.

Besides her activities at the intersection of philosophy and arts, Alice Koubová also takes part in the research projects „Beyond phenomenology of sociality“ (Czech Science Foundation) and „Measures for developing an ethical culture in the Czech state administration“ (Technology Agency of the Czech Republic) where she investigates a wide range of possibilities how to apply philosophical thinking in the public sphere and to current societal challenges. 

Alice Koubová has widely published in internationally recognized journals and publishing houses. She is the author of the monograph Self-Identity and Powerlessness (2013, Brill), Beyond the Principle of Identity (2007, Filosofia). She received Otto Wichterle Award (2014), Libellus Primus Award (2008) and Josef Hlávka Award (2000).

 Curriculum Vitae:


Research Interests:

Performance philosophy, fenopraxis, post-phenomenology, empathy, embodiment, artistic research, ethics of play


Selected publications:

Koubová, A. 2016. Ludický princip v kontextu otázky po zdařilém životě, Československá psychologie 2016, vol. LX, Supplement 1.

Koubová, A. 2016. Percevoir la beauté du monde, in: Est-ce réel? Phénoménologies de l`imaginaire (Annabelle Dufourcq Ed) Leiden/Beston: Brill.

Koubová, A.  2016. Embodiment, Oikos and Sharing Life in the Pregnant Body. in: Kontexte des Leiblichen (Cathrin Nielsen, Karel Novotný, Thomas Nenon Eds) Nordhausen: T. Bautz.

Koubová, A. 2015.  Performance (in) Philosophy: Gnothi seauton, in: Formen der Wissensgenerierung, Practices in Performance Art (Manfred Blohm and Elke Mark Eds) Oberhausen: Athena.

Koubová, A. 2015. Gaston Bachelard’s Topology of the Image, in Nitche, M. (ed.). Image in Space. Contributions to a Topology of Images. Libri Nigri 49. Nordhausen: Bautz Verlag

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Koubová, A. 2015. Intencionálno a transformativní fenomenologiie. Nad rozpravou Martina Nitscheho a Martina Rittera o povaze fenomenologie, Filosofický časopis 2015/1, No. 5.

Koubová A. 2014. Invisible excess of sense in social interaction, Frontiers in Psychology. 

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Kliková, A. 2007. Mimo princip identity. Filosofia: Praha, 2007.

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