Schmitt, C. The Concept of the Political: text from 1932 with the preface and three corollaries. Translated by O. Vochoč. Prague: Oikoymenh. 2007.

C. Schmitt is one of the important and controversial legal and political thinkers of the twentieth century. Some consider him a "crown lawyer of the Third Reich", for others he is a classical political thinker comparable to Machiavelli and Hobbes. At the times of the Weimar Republic, he belonged to critics of parliamentary democracy as well as to the advocates of decisionism and to the theoreticians of the modern sovereign state. In his thinking, rooted in the Catholic faith, he focused on the issues of power, violence, or law-making. He clearly and with rhetorical brilliance formulated terms as the exceptional state, dictatorship, sovereignty, but also political theology, legality and legitimacy, or friend and foe.