logickazkoumani II2  

Husserl, E., Logical Investigation II / 2. Fundamentals of phenomenological clarification of knowledge. translated by Petr Urban. Prague: Oikoymenh. 2012.

The sixth logical exploration of Edmund Husserl is the most significant of all six explorations of the second volume of his "breakthrough work." This very study was the most studied by following generations of phenomenologists, and many of them were also strongly influenced by ti, as M. Heidegger admits. After laying the general foundations of the theory of the intentional relationship of consciousness and his subject in the 5th examination, Husserl moves to the special problem of knowledge and comes to a revolutionary definition of both the traditional notions of the theory of knowledge (sensuousness, reason, a priori, adequacy, etc.) and the key ontological concepts (being, subject, ideality, essence, etc.).