logickazkoumani II1  

Husserl, E., Logical Investigation II / 1. Research into phenomenology and the theory of knowledge. Urban P., Novotný K. and Janoušek, H. Praha: Oikoymenh. 2011.

After the publication of Prolegomena to pure logic, Husserl decided to publish six broadly related logical investigations, which marked a coup in the view on the nature and performance of consciousness. Husserl, in the main part of his analysis, tries to show how it is possible to combine the reality of actually occurring mental experiences which have intentional nature with their ideal essence, e.g. meaning, and how it is possible on this basis to redefine and clarify the issues of consciousness, thinking, and knowledge.
The volume II / 1 contains the first five logical investigations: 1: The expression and meaning, 2: The ideal unity of the species and the newer theory of abstraction, 3: The teachings of groups and parts, 4: The difference between independent and indivisible meanings and the idea of pure grammar, About intentional experiences and their occupations.