Stein, E., To the problem of empathy. Translation Urban, P. Prague: Edith Stein Endowment Fund. 2013.

In August 1916, Edit Stein defended her dissertation entitled "Zum Problem der Einfuhlung" at Edmund Husserl in Freiburg im Breisgau summa cum laude, and then became a private assistant to her "master".
In her first book, she focuses on a topic that Husserl has not studied before, namely the topic of intersubjectivity. The starting point of Husserl's phenomenology was the subject and the corresponding methodical procedure was "seeing of the essence," the intuition. However, he has not yet examined how far this view could be conveyed to another subject - that is, whether it can be verified objectively.
Edit Stein sought to explore this topic in relation to the problem of empathy with other subjects. Her work is one of the first theoretical attempts in the 20th century to prove that the body of the other is the basis of intersubjective understanding.