Koubová Alice
To Think from Another Place: Towards Performative philosophy

What is performative philosophy and what does it deal with? What is the relation between philosophical thinking and dramatic art? Philosopher Alice Koubová answers these questions using combination of various philosophical perspectives - phenomenology of expressivity, philosophy of play, poststructuralism, aesthetics of performativity, performative philosophy. And each of them allows her to formulate different reason why theatre and performance represent key phenomena from which "to think humans and the world."
Humans are thus understood as beings who are aware of their visibility to others (spectators), who are capable of play and creative distance from themselves, who constitute their identities in citation and imitation, who create meaning within embodied interacton with others while respecting authorship of their own existence. Besides its characteristic themes, performance philosophy is also defined by a distinctive style of thinking. The author calls such style as thinking from another place and describes in detail its importance for philosophy, art and artistic research.