barthes fulka  

Fulka, J., Roland Barthes - from ideology to fantasy. Prague: Togga. 2010.

This study focuses on Barthes' medium-term texts (S / Z, Sade, Fourier, Loyola, Pleasure of the Text, Roland Barthes, and Roland Barthes), namely on the two concepts that play a central role: the concepts of ideology and fantasm. One of the central motives of reading Balzac's story Sarrasine, as performed in S / Z, is the demasking of a certain type of ideology that is constantly associated with so-called realistic literature in Barthes, starting with his early works. In his later works, Barthes increasingly resorts to a specific theory of the fantasm and the reader's psyche, which, according to him, allow - although usually indirectly - to escape from literary ideology. This book attempts to concisely summarize this Barthes’s theoretical itinerary, to draw attention to some of its controversial points, but also to illustrate the Barthes’s thesis with the help of literary examples other than of Barthésian provenance.