obal 1397548562Urban Husserl  

Urban, P., Early Husserl, and the Philosophy of Language. Towards Husserl's philosophy and thinking about language in the 1891-1914. Prague: Philosophy. 2014.

The presented book offers an unconventional view of Edmund Husserl's philosophy. Its aim is to show how Husserl's phenomenology is born and develops in a surprisingly close connection to the questioning of the nature and essence of the sign, language expression and meaning. The book presents the historical and philosophical interpretation of Husserl's thinking and his conception of language in the period from Philosophy of Arithmetic (1891) to Logical Exploration (1900/01), Lectures on The Theory of Meaning (1908), Ideas I (1913) to Manuscripts on Phenomenology of Expression 1913/14), which were first published recently. The book can also serve as an introduction to the thought world of Husserl's phenomenology at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.