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The book Psychonauticon. A Transdisciplinary Interpretation of Psychedelic Experiences investigates psychedelic experiences from a complex transdisciplinary perspective, connecting social anthropology, autoethnography, phenomenology of corporeality, rhizomatic analysis, neuroscience and cultural history. The aim of such approach is to interpret psychedelic experiences as bound to a specific context of use and interpretation and to show psychedelics as important nodes, i.e. crossing points of various trajectories of our existence: material, corporeal, personal, socio-cultural, and ecological.

The book is a revised translation of the Czech study Myslet z psychedelických zkušeností which was published in 2016. It is divided into five chapters. The first one, Introduction, describes the strategy of transdisciplinary interpretation. The second one, Autoethnographic prelude explores the personal and socio-cultural contexts of psychedelic praxis in Czech Republic. The third one, Methodology, analyses philosophical methods and concepts, the fourth one, Psychedelic rhizome tackles the problem of categorization of so-called "mind-altering substances", and the last chapter develops a model of the psychedelic domain.