prolegomena filosofiisoucasnosti  

Hauser, M. Prolegomena to the philosophy of the present. Prague: Filosofia. 2007.

The book focuses on the fundamental crisis points of the postmodern present (ecological crisis, restriction of democracy, corruption of the subject) and understands them as impulses for the renewal  of a (materialistic) philosophy. The author deals with Marx, Adorno and Kosík to show their importance for understanding our current situation. He also introduces contemporary leftist philosophy - Jameson, Mouff, Žižek, but also with Soros's critique of neo-liberal capitalism. Postmodernism is portrayed by the author as a hegemonic culture with many paradoxes:
Does postmodernism, with its skepticism and nihilism, in the end create the ground of fundamentalism? Is it therefore necessary to revive the perspective of another world, as the late Derrida suggests?