pechar problemyfenomenologie  

Pechar, J. Problems of phenomenology. From Husserl to Derrida. Prague: Philosophy. 2007.

There are substantial differences within the framework of the turn "to the things to themselves", which characterizes phenomenology, between the various philosophers who submit to it. This attempts to show precisely these differences based on detailed analyses of the thinking of the main characters of the phenomenological movement. The first difference can be found between Husserl himself and the thought of Scheler or Heidegger. The Sartre’s philosophy and the critique submitted by Merleau-Ponty are discussed in detail, and attention is given to those for whom phenomenology represented only the initial phase of thinking embodied in the Christian faith (Paul Ricoeur) or ethics inspired by the legacy of Judaism (Emmanuel Lévinas). The analyses that Jacques Derrida dedicated to Husserl's philosophy in his early period show how the criticism of Husserl's concept of living presence led to the elaboration of the basic concepts of his deconstructive method.