Pokorný, V., To Think from Psychedelic Experiences. A Transdisciplinary interpretations. Červený Kostelec: Pavel Mervart. 2016.

This book presents a systematic interpretation of psychedelic experiences. It reveals their meaning in personal life, in society and in culture. In an unorthodox way, it combines personal story, anthropological exploration and philosophical reflection to show a complex relationship between psychedelic substances and human existence. The book asks what are psychedelics, what are the forms of psychedelic practice and what attitudes can be taken to their use. It combines the thinking of authors such as M. Merleau-Ponty, G. Deleuze, W. Benjamin, E. Jünger, and D. Pendell (and many others), linking to the rich psychonautic tradition of Western art, literature and philosophy. It offers the reader a tour through the contemporary psychedelic research in various scientific disciplines ranging from biochemistry to cognitive science. It formulates a transdisciplinary method of interpretation thanks to which it moves into the inner world of symbols, hallucinations, ecstatic raving, or the catatonic strain induced by psychedelics to reveal the limits of human consciousness.