Kliková, A., Outside the Principle of Identity. Prague: Philosophy. 2007.

The book explores the influence of the principle of identity on modern thinking, which manifests itself in chronically failing attempts to construct an intrinsically indisputable concept of personal identity of a human being. After the systematic analysis of some conceptions of this sort (Descartes, Ferret, Changeux, Heidegger, Ricoeur), an explanation arrives at the discovery of their typical limits and at the possibilities to develop thinking beyond the principle of identity.
On the basis of analyzes of specific literary works, psychosocial studies and the analysis of the phenomenon of powerlessness of power-to-be, a new type of thinking is developed: thinking through the so-called alternation of figures and events, and ontology of forces in which the interpretation of concepts of identity, thinking, reality, human and non-human being and the relations between these concepts undergo a significant change.
The book was awarded the Jan Hus Educational Foundation LIBELLUS PRIMUS for the best book of the first year of a young scientist in the humanities and social sciences for the year 2007.