vyzkum subjektivity  

The team of authors, Research of Subjectivity. From Husserl to Foucault. Červený Kostelec: Pavel Mervart. 2008

In philosophy, the concept of a subject has a great career and we can be sure that it will not disappear from the history of philosophy. But its career is basically over as if today it is no longer a subject of research, but only of the critical distance. After all, even in a common language, if something is subjective, it is just subjective.
In research and in science in general, even in humanities, if something is subjective, it is supposed to be kept within appropriate limits, that is expelled to the margins of serious research. What then should a subjectivity research mean? What are subjectivity studies good for when the concept of the subject loses its earlier weight of a key theoretical concept so that some authors talk metaphorically about the death of subjectivity? That is precisely why it should be researched, would one say. When the particular reality which was called the subject, have so clearly asked for another way of treating it and claimed its rights, did not mean that it has ceased to be relevant, on the contrary.
Moreover, we can not do without this word, so it is important to examine how is that reality which we should no longer, at least in philosophy, call the subject, but which we have inherited, with all the metaphysical parade, as an inherent part of our reality. This part of reality wants to be conceived and studied differently than it was done by the philosophy of the subject, and itself requires a variety of approaches to how one experiences and lives.