Kanda, R. et al., Autumn of Postmodernism. Theoretical challenges of the present. Prague: Philosophy. 2016.

This collective monograph presents readers with a theoretical discussion, unique in the Czech context, about the nature of contemporary society and culture and the possibilities of its philosophical reflection. The starting point of the discussion is the critical concept contained in Michael Hauser's Paths from Postmodernism (2012). However, authors exceed this starting and outline their own conception of the discussed problems. Contributions by Václav Bělohradský, Jiří Pechar, Michael Hauser, Petr Kužel, Oleg Suša, Romana Kanda, and others focus on epistemological, political, or aesthetic themes since the dynamics and the contradictions of our times are (still) referred to as postmodern in all these spheres of knowledge and practice.