Robin Rollinger does research in phenomenology and Austrian philosophy. In addition, he has written about logic and psychology in the nineteenth century. Among the books he has authored are Husserl's Position in the School of Brentano (1999) and Austrian Phenomenology (2008). He is also the author of numerous articles and the editor of two volumes of Husserl's collected works (Husserliana).

R. Rollinger's CV and publications



Research interests:

Phenomenology, Husserl, Brentano, Austrian philosophy

Selected publications:

Rollinger, R. Franz Brentano's Early Logic: A Study Based on Manuscripts. Amsterdam / New York: Rodopi (forthcoming).

Rollinger, R. 2010. Philosophy of Language and Other Matters in the Work of Anton Marty: Analysis and Translations. Amsterdam / New York: Rodopi.

Rollinger, R. 2008. Austrian Phenomenology: Brentano, Husserl, Meinong, and Others on Mind and Object. Frankfurt am Main: Ontos-Verlag.

Rollinger, R. 1999. Husserl's Position in the School of Brentano. Dordrecht / Boston / London: Kluwer.

Rollinger, R. 1993. Meinong and Husserl on Abstraction and Universals: From Hume Studies I to Logical Investigations II. Amsterdam / Atlanta: Rodopi.