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Alice Koubová 

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Eliška Poláčková

 as a part of the program
Art as a form of communication 
15. 10. 2019
Institute of Philosophy boardroom
2nd floor
from 10 a.m. till 13 p.m.



The "Performance and Performativity" workshop constitutes a significant part in the preparation process for the first collective monography in Czech language that aims to reflect the usage of concepts performance and performativity and related metodological approaches formulated within Czech humanities, social sciences and Art.

Workshop participants who are also authors of the book chapters will discuss the key concepts, thesis and problems of the publication. They will search for focal points in their approaches to performance and performativity and articulate their positions. Outcome of the workshop will, therefore, lie in the better comprehension of perspectives held by other authors, enunciation of all the topics that emerged, and clarification of modes of thinking that are best suited for writing individual book chapters.