Geoffrey Dierckxsens (Post-doc) was awarded a travel grant by the Czech Academy for Sciences (CAS) within the context of the scientific cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel. He conducted a research stay (October 8, 2018-October 28, 2018) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he discussed his post-doc project with Dr. Michael Roubach. He moreover discussed his work with Dr. Galit Wellner (Tel Aviv University and the NB School of Design, Haifa). Another purpose of the research stay was to prepare a book proposal for an edited volume on imagination (eds. Galit Wellner and Geoffrey Dierckxsens), examined from the perspectives of both contemporary phenomenology and philosophy of mind, enactivism in particular. Galit Wellner and Geoffrey Dierckxsens plan to publish the book with Rowman and Littlefield (Social Imaginaries Series). They will invite international scholars, including contributors from Israel (e.g., Dr. Roubach and Dr. Tzachi Zamir) as well as from the Institute of Philosophy at the CAS (e.g., Petr Urban, Petr Kouba and Vit Pokorny). Galit Wellner and Geoffrey Dierckxsens and Galit Wellner plan to organize a workshop in Prague in 2019, on the same topic as their book project. For this they plan to apply for funding within the scheme of the scientific cooperation between the Czech Republic and Israel. The aim of the book project and workshop is to establish a long-term scientific cooperation between the Institute of Philosophy and the research institutions in Israel with which Dr. Roubach and Dr. Wellner are affiliated.


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