Informal meeting at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences

Contemporary topics - well-informed guests - spontaneous host - alive discussions

Kryštof Boháček will host 

Martin Nitsche and Vít Pokorný

in the June 2018 Café


The guests will introduce their joint philosophical project - exploring the intertwined nature of the world, thinking and human existence. Methodologically, they both depart from post-phenomenological position: neither from subjectivity, nor from corporeality, but from the relational space, from the third area of the intertwining of I and we, subjectivity and objectivity, body and soul, consciousness and matter. From this perspective, each author will introduce his book and both will engage in a dialogue.

M. Nitsche's book Methodological precedence of Intertwining contains a methodological fundament for the third, transitive space, while the V. Pokorny's book To think from psychedelic experience applies this methodology on the problem of psychedelic experiences interpreted as an intertwining of the personal, socio-cultural, and material contexts. Application of such methodology proves that the model of intertwining has a broad interdisciplinary scope. 

07. 06. 2018

Jazz Republic Club

Entry from the Institute of Philosophy courtyard