Michael Hauser

will hold

 on 26. 03. 2019
in the Prague Creative Center

a lecture


The end of liberal  utopia
and populist imagination


The period between 1989 - 2019 can be conceived as an era of liberal utopia that was formulated by Francis Fukuyama as a thesis of liberal democracy being a final stage of history. During the last few yeart, it becomes apparent that this era is coming to an end. How else should we interpret Brexit, Trumps victory, populist government in Italy, or Orban's rule in Hungary? The lecture will concern with our current situation when the liberal utopia ends and the era of populism begins. Populism, indeed, is not a pejorative concept but an expression of an attempt to address current democratic and economic deficits. It will also ask what is, today, the meaning of "people", the concept used both in conservative and leftist populism.