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Alice Koubová 

will hold

on 28. 01. 2019

at the XIII. QAKonference: Hledání kvality

a lecture on:

Quantity, quality and performativity:
Measure, tell and transform



Anottation: The performative perspective significantly enriches the research of human subjectivity and well-being. Its main principle are:
1) human speach consists in performatives that signify nothing, tell us about nothing, but create something. Human action is a set of performatives which bestow being upon that what they embody.
2) Activities which are seemingly useless and resist a conceptual expression  (play or art) are the most fundamental categories of human life.
3) We can develop research methods which map ruptures and movements within the status quo not for the sake of maping itself but to open possibility of change via the negative power of ambiguity and indeterminacy.
I will illustrate these principles of performative perspective on the examples of play and art.