Alice Koubová
at 4. 11. 2019, 18:00
in the National Theatre
another ND Talks
the ethical significance of theatre in society.

Guests of the evening will be:
Anežka Bartlová - an art critic
Tomáš Dianiška - actor, playwright, director
Jiří Honzírek - director, dramaturge, production manager



How does theatre and art in general actually relate with addressing values in contemporary society? What is its ethical significance in society? Is art supposed to be critical, activist even, or just help us to relax and forget daily troubles? How resistant can theater and other art forms be to politics, trends, or economic neccessity?
How does art work with emotions? Can it become manipulative since it deals with emotions beyond our control? Or does it, for the very reason that it deals with emotions, open the space to cultivate our attitudes? Are theatre and other artists responsible for how they influence audience? Does society transfer its unsolved problems on art or is does art offer the most suitable place to solve social problems?