Philosophical Café

hosted by K. Boháček


Café with Alice Koubová and Marta Ljubková

on the 

Meaning of national cultural institutions


Marta Ljubková and Alice Koubová will discuss questions regarding the Czech theatre and in the wider context of theatre development in Visegrad countries. They will refer to several projects on the border of philosophical reflection and artistic practice. The discussion will focus on the following problems:

What it the role of the Czech theatre within the contemporary socio-cultural situation? What are its possibilities and limits? Is theatre the place of social critiques and discussion or the place of escape and entertainment? What does it mean that theatre is an institution of public interest? What is the role of the National Theatre in this context if we consider it as a site of cultural heritage and identity, and, at the same time, as space of a free artistic production? Do we need to care about a national cultural identity? What kind of heritage should be preserved, updated, made visible, or reinterpreted?

  FilKav Alice