Working session
Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy

19. 10. 2018; 10:00

Institute of Philosophy boardroom, 1st floor


Weak action: from ethics to politics
Presentation of J. Bierhanzl's new book


No one can act when certain conditions of acting are not met: mutual interdependence, support of public infrastructure. Yet, there are moments when it is necessary to act in order to constitute and preserve the conditions themselves. I call the political action of those excluded from the political sphere who nevertheless act, weak action.

The paradox of weak action is an answer to an urgent problem of political philosophy since it overcomes the schism between the free voluntary action of a transparent and self-constituting actor and the dependence on the support of others. The weak action has also a normative dimension as it happens to be an assembly of vulnerable actors who do not deny their own vulnerability, as well as the vulnerability of others, and submit to a politics of non-violence.

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