Franz Brentano Centenary


MAY 29 – MAY 31, 2017

The Czech Academy of Sciences

Národní 3, Praha, 117 20
conference room 206, second floor  



Keynote Speaker:

Jan Šebestík (Paris)

Monday, 29 May 2017

9:30AM: Morning Session

Chair : Hynek Janoušek (Prague)

Jan Šebestík (Paris)

Language and Existence:

About some Brentanian Paradoxes

Denis Fisette (UQAM, Montreal)

Brentano on Phenomenalism and Physical Phenomena

2:00PM: Afternoon Session

Chair : Olivier Massin (Geneva)

Arnaud Dewalque (Liège)

Brentano on Consciousness

Hynek Janoušek (Prague)

Attention in Brentano's Descriptive Psychology

Denis Seron (Liège)

Was Brentano a Self-Representationalist?

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

9:30AM: Morning Session

Chair : Denis Seron (Liège)

Laurent Cesalli (Geneva)

Brentano as a Historian of (Medieval) Philosophy

David Castrillejo (Madrid)

Brentano and his Neo-scholastic roots

Emanuele Mariani (Lissabon)

Brentano, Aristotle, and the project of a scientific philosophy

2:00PM: Afternoon Session

Chair : Arnaud Dewalque (Liège)

Venanzio Raspa (Urbino)

Brentano on Aristotle's Categories. A Critical Assessment

Bruno Leclercq (Liège)

Logical tools for descriptive psychology. Set theory and foundational mereology

Sébastien Richard (Brussels)

Are Ideal Objects only Objects of Thought? The Controversy between Kotarbinski and Ingarden

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

9:30AM: Morning Session

Chair : Laurent Cesalli (Geneva)

Olivier Massin (Geneva)

Brentano on the Continuum

Wolfgang Huemer (Parma)

Brentano's Systematic Conception of Philosophy

Carlo Ierna (Utrecht/Prague)

The Role and Relevance of the Philosophy of Mathematics in the School of Brentano