Dr. Jaroslava Vydrová
Institute of Philosophy
Slovak Academy of Sciences
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Husserl and Plessner – Contemporary Questions of the Human: Paths from Phenomenology to Philosophical Anthropology”

There are two possible directions in looking at the relation between Husserl and Plessner – from the perspective of anticipation and from the perspective of returning to or following up. Although there are differences, the aims of these two conceptions are nonetheless intertwined, and, in my contribution, I will sketch the contours of a possible common platform for this research as the question of the human. Specifically, I will explore some aspects of three thematic areas as phenomenological focal points: the natural attitude, intersubjectivity and the conception of the body. Then I will examine Plessner’s three anthropological laws. This configuration of the problematic can shed light on the fruitful Wechselwirkung of these approaches, which can be shown in conceptions of “phenomenology/ies in anthropology” on the one side and in a phenomenological reconsideration of the concept of culture, on the other. The advantage of such an account is that this link between Husserl and Plessner represents more than just simply a contribution to the interpretation of a problem in the history of philosophy. Rather, it is relevant because of the problematization of the formulation of the question “who is man” (as Plessner puts it, the question is open and what is sought is characterized as inscrutable). Further, it is also relevant because of the thematic extension, which potentially can open new and inspiring topics for further philosophical consideration.