Department of Contemporary Continental Philosophy

Institute of Philosophy AS CR

Petr Urban

The head of the department

P. Urban studied philosophy at universities in Prague, Berlin and Leuven. He finished his PhD studies in 2008 at the Philosophical faculty of the Charles University in Prague. He works as a resercher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences CR from 2004 and became the head of the Departement of contemporary continental philosophy in 2009. Peter also taught philosophy and ethics at the Theological faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, at the Faculty of management of the University of Economics in Prague, and the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague.

Peter is a principal investigator and co-investigator of several domestic and international grant projects in the area of phenomenological philosophy. In 2012, he won the Otto Wichterle medal awarded by the Czech Academy of Science for exceptional scientific results to junior researchers under the age of 35 years. He won Paul Celane Fellowship for Translators at IWM in Vienna in 2013, and the Fullbright - Masaryk Fellowship at the City University in New York in 2013/14. He is the editor of several collective monographies like Geburt der Phánomenologie (2010), or The Philosophy of embodiment (2011), and the author of the monography Early Husserl and the philosophy of language (2013).

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Research interests:
phenomenological philosophy, theory of intersubjectivity, philosophy of embodiment, ethics, theory of care, philosophy of language

Important publications:

Urban, P. 2016. Jak rozumíme druhým? Studie o sociálním rozumění a sdílení světa nejen u člověka. Praha: Filosofia. Parva Philosophica 23.

Urban, P. 2013. Raný Husserl a filosofie jazyka. Praha: Filosofia.

Urban, P. (ed.) 2011. Fenomenologie tělesnosti. Praha: Filosofia.

Urban, P. (ed.) 2010. Geburt der Phänomenologie. Praha: Filosofia.


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