Ms. Luciana Priolo (University of Crete)
Currently: Visiting Phd Student
at the University of Fribourg
Université de Fribourg
Département de philosophie
Av. de l’Europe 20CH-1700,Fribourg
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From Consciousness of Unity to Unity of Consciousness: Reconstructing Husserl’s Idea of Temporal Individuation”

This talk examines the idea of temporal individuation in Husserl’s late manuscripts by distinguishing it from formal–ontological individuation. Both of these types of individuation concern the first stage of the constitution of an object as a unity of its own manifold presentations, but temporal individuation shows us that the stream of consciousness also undergoes a process of unification. The temporal individuation of an object thus extends its unifying effect and instigates the awakening of the ego via the realization of her own temporal persistence. One promising phenomenological challenge posed by this thesis lies in considering whether the intelligibility of individual objects provides the main condition for the constitution of the self and the acquisition of self-knowledge.